Mobile Application Design

The most influential, comprehensive and dependable apps might not succeed without an intuitive interface and enjoyable user experience.
Trusting IndiPro Technologies and relying on our team’s expertise your products will be esthetically pleasing to the eye and user-friendly.
We build designs from scratch following Apple and Android latest guidelines and trends. Your users will feel at home when using your mobile application. Each icon is carefully placed to accommodate for of all the different screen sizes.

Mobile Web Design

Let your clients access your services thru their mobile browsers. From any mobile device thru Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and others.
Our UI/UX team makes sure that your designs are properly displayed on any screen size via any popular internet browser.

Graphic Design

We create the most appealing artwork for your business needs. Our designers will craft icons for your applications while keeping the identity and branding guidelines of your marketing team. Enhance the appeal of your application with dynamic interactive designs.
We will take care of the branding and logo design of your company as well. If you’re looking to rebrand our experts will help and if you’re starting fresh, we will assist you to reach your vision.

Our added features

White Labeling

Favorite Driver

App Availability

Favorite Addresses

Flexibile Login Choices

Emergency SOS Feature

Website & Web Application Designs

Build with us interactive websites with dynamic and vibrant visuals. Your visitors will enjoy surfing the website. They will read about your company’s products and services via elegantly displayed fonts. With our mobile web expertise your website will suit all the different screen sizes people are using.
We take care of your web applications as well. We will design proprietary web applications for your business. Your team will have a modern interface with cutting edge user experience to help with their day-to-day tasks.

Application Redesign

Would you like to provide a fresh look for your application? Our team of experts will make sure to keep your brand identity intact while revamping your application design.
It’s not just about looks! We make an audit to evaluate your current user experience. We detect the weakness thru analytics and reporting of the application usage. We make sure that the new design has all the most used features always easily accessible to your users.


The best application designs start with wireframing. In order to truly comprehend the app purpose and the logic of its functionalities our teams create a wireframe for each design.
There is no better way for you to imagine how the application works without having to write a single piece of code. A story board will explain the workings and the experience of using the application. You will visualize your application before completing the full design.