Mobile Application Development

Custom mobile application development is what we do best! We have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We are confident in our expertise to take your business to the next level with our development services.

We have been refining our operation for more than a decade. We guarantee top quality with unbeatable prices!

IndiPro Technologies Mobile Development Operation

Mobile Application Structure

Nothing can be achieved without a solid structure. The same goes for mobile application development. To make sure that your application will be properly scalable and adaptable to your audience devices. We meticulously evaluate your user base by identifying the different devices they use and their machines limitations.

Even if you have a complex software running on desktop, we will make it portable to mobile. We will ensure the user-friendliness of the experience, as well as the processing speed to make your operation flow faster and easier.

Once our system architect maps the application structure, we will be ready to move to the next phase.

Mobile Application Development

IndiPro Technologies conceived an ideal operational model to provide the best working environment for our creatives, analysts and engineers. The way we operate involves our clients in the development of their products.

We make sure that you get what you expect from the application you are developing with us. By merging our team’s expertise with your knowledge of running your business we will certainly succeed.

Our process is clear and precise: Plan, Design, Develop, QA, Gather Feedback, Amendments, Approve and Launch. We combine in-depth market study with our tech proficiency to deliver a winning strategy for your application.

We always strive to deliver high-quality software our clients can be proud of!

Our in-house team is thorough, efficient and effective in building your application as you envisioned it!

Planning & Business Strategy

Project planning is at the heart of the application development life cycle, it clearly states to all involved stakeholders where the project is going and how to attain the goal.

During this phase, all the project plans are documented, the project deliverables and requirements are defined, and the schedule is created. It involves creating a set of plans to help guide our team of experts through the design, development and implementation of the app.

The plans created will help you manage your expectations regarding time, cost, quality, changes, risks, and other important aspects.

Business Strategy for Application Developemt
  • Monetization: we will help you convert your app into a steady revenue stream. Several models apply to generate money from your application and we master them all! Your clients will securely buy: new content, subscriptions or advanced features. In case your application is free to use and available for everyone. Our advertisement module will enable you to sell ads on your application and earn to keep running your business.
  • Marketing: we won’t leave you hanging once the app is ready. We will already have established with you the proper marketing campaign thru the right channels to expand the app reach.
  • MVP: Launch in phases! Before investing your whole budget into the project. Build a Minimum Viable Product to test the waters before developing and launching a full campaign for your app.

Development: Front-End

Our front-end mobile development provides three main services:

  • Native Platform Development: our experts will help you decide which is the best code for your application. Native development will be costly and might take longer to finalize than the other methodologies. However, you will gain in performance, security, reliability and scalability.
  • Cross-Platform Development: are you looking to quickly market your app? Are you on a tight budget? We got you covered! Our cross-platform development team will provide you with a topnotch application running on both Apple and Android devices.
  • Mobile Web Development: in case you are not ready to go with a full mobile application we will package your website services for mobile. Your website will be properly displayed on mobile devices all the features and options will be available. Your users will access your services from the internet browser application of their mobiles.

Development: Backend

Benefit from our dynamic structure and get a backend administrative interface to control and configure your application. We offer tailored development we will give you the level of customization you want to manage your mobile applications.

  • Content Management: no need for further coding or development. Using our interface you will customize your application by updating your texts, photos and videos. Write daily news and add new media albums with a simple click.
  • Operation Management: our data centric backend will give an overall view of your running operations through our dashboard. Monitor the performance of your business and generate reports to detect weaknesses and strengths in your company.
  • User Management & Analytics: control and manage your user accounts via our admin panel. You will be powered with analytics insights to understand your user’s actions and behavioral patterns.

QA & Delivery

Our application quality assurance engineer tests all the application features and navigates thru all the screens to make sure everything is built as per your requirements.

  • Automation Testing: Moreover, throughout the development phase our programmers will write automated testing functions. This type of testing will ensure the functionality and scalability of the basic features.
  • Approval & Delivery: Once the QA engineer approves the delivered features by the development team you will get access to try out the new update and provide us with your feedback.
Mobile Application Quality Assurance

Customer Feedback

As promised our clients are involved in our development process. We want you to get the best service from us. We make sure you get what you expect from our teams and your application.
Your feedback and comments are very important to us specially if we are building an application for your business or your clients.


Our development team uses Agile methodologies. We can implement your changes within current development sprints or schedule them for another development cycle. Together we will set priorities depending on the importance of the feature and the time it needs to be developed tested and approved.

Approval & Launch

The development operation at IndiPro Technologies is built in order for you to approve each and every feature when its ready in our staging environment.
Once all the features approved are implemented in a stable release on the staging environment. We will wait for the greenlight from your end in order to launch.

With a click of a button your application and/or updates will be live for all your audience to enjoy.

Maintenance, Updates & Support

Our roads won’t come at an end at launch! Fruitful mobile development is about partnership, care and support. We will create a clear plan of action for you to adjust to the constant changes in the market. Users’ preferences change rapidly and we will update your software accordingly. Our support team will be here to assist users, tackle any issues or unexpected bugs that arise.

  • User Support: we provide your users with manuals and dynamic tutorials to take advantage of all the application features. We will train your team in order for them to take control of the application settings to manage their work and assist other users. Our teams are ready 24/7 to help you troubleshoot any issue you’re facing on the application.
  • Application Support: we provide analytics support for your application. We will train your staff to generate and interpret the different available reports. Your administrators will take an in-depth course to learn about the application’s admin panel in order to configure your system. We will constantly monitor your application to make sure it is working seamlessly whenever new updates are introduces to iOS, Android or the popular internet browsers.
  • Operation Support: we will take care of the running operation to support your online operation. We will monitor your devices and servers. We will make sure your networks are secured and accessible to your customers. We will run recurrent health checks to monitor the state of the server’s infrastructure.

Hosting Services

  • Development Environment: we will setup a server for your team and our experts to collaborate on the application development. This server will be equipped with latest file sharing application to securely and rapidly exchange data between the different members working on the project. All the needed software to run the application will be installed. All the heavy programming and testing will be done on this environment. Our developers and QA engineers will make sure that the latest build they are working on is stable and delivered upon requirements and standards before releasing to the staging environment.
  • Staging Environment: Once the release is on the staging environment the clients and their teams will have access to test the latest application version. Once on the staging environment your personnel will be able to use the application as if it is already available on the App Store and Google Play. All the features will be available from social media sharing to shopping and paying for products. This will be a closed or Sandboxed environment where a selected group will benefit from evaluating the application. Once the feedback is gathered and the imminent changes are completed and approved. We will release the approved version to the production environment.
  • Production Environment: this will be the most performant server we will setup for you. Here we will host the actual application being used by your clients and employees. All the data will be safely stored in our cutting-edge databases. The server performance and load balancing will ensure a smooth user experience. Our web services will monitor your servers for any issues in performance or down time and we will immediately make the necessary amendments to keep our standard of 99% up time.
person using Mobile Application

Mobile Application Modules & Plugins

Below is a list of standard extension that IndiPro Technologies provides.
These plugins can be easily integrated into your current system or added to the new application you are developing with us!

Advertisement Support

Native ads are very popular! They are native to the experience as a whole, as the name suggests they don’t interfere with the user’s engagement because they are native.

These types of ads can be a powerful campaign support due to their ability to blend into the content on user’s screens. With our innovative module we take care of the placement of all your advertisement types native and others.

We carefully reserve the place for banners to display Ads without hindering the user experience. Our native ad placements won’t even appear as an ad to a user. There ability to blend within the content will drive the user engagement rates and interactions.

Your application will offer an exclusive opportunity for mutual gain across the market. Advertisers will benefit from better engagement, and mobile users will enjoy a better overall experience without as many disruptions.

Social Media Integration

Without the implementation of this module your app won’t be able to communicate with social media platforms. With our module you will benefit from getting a bigger audience. Your users will have the ability to sync their contacts and invite friends to use your application over: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Moreover, you will increase your application engagement by allowing the content to be shared as well. Your users will be able to share news, products, offers, videos and other components to their social media. A lot of people are influencers on social media and your application might get peak usage due to the integration with social media.

Benefits of integration with social media:

  • Improved functionality: users will be more encouraged to use the app specially buy products and subscribe after they see a comment or a rating of your app displayed on their social media from someone they follow
  • In-app social sharing: integrate your social media posts into your application. Display content related to your business from different social media accounts and platforms. You will gain more engagement by providing convenience to your app users. Your app will be the center for communication by including social media content interesting to your audience. You won’t lose traffic to the social media platforms because your visitors will read the posts on your app. You application will promote adoption by itself.
  • Ease of access: we will integrate your application login functionality with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram and others. Let your new users sign up to your application with a click. They won’t have to go thru the hassle of filling forms and reentering their email and password for confirmation. They won’t have to enter an SMS code for verification or check their emails for a link to verify their accounts. Instant access with one click and your company will have all the needed personal information of your user. We make sure that the data is properly integrated to capture: location, age, sex, nationality and other metrics
  • Enhanced exposure and visibility: “Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2021, over 4.26 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost six billion in 2027” – Statista. As per the statistics already a huge number of people is using social media networks and it is increasing. You will gain better exposure and rapid interactions with your audience thru social media integration within your app.
  • \
  • Improve your chances to go Viral! You never know how much success your app might have if its properly advertised. With the social media integration module, you can seize the opportunity to spread your wings over the social media networks reach. You only need a couple of big influencers to enjoy using your application and you will see huge amounts of download within seconds. Having more and more users will allow you the opportunity to expand your business and augment your revenue.
  • Understanding user behavior: the data synched from the social media upon user’s login and their sharing patterns will build a comprehensive social chart of the users and their entourage. Using this information you can conduct better market research, gather more client’s details, identify target groups, influencers and optimizing on your promotional campaigns. Our algorithms will track the users purchases on the app and combine them with the integrated data from social media via our module. We will know their friends, location, activities, interests and are able to predict what a user might be likely to buy in the future and recommend products accordingly. With this integration you will create a powerful social incentive to buy by recommending items to users which their acquaintance bought or are simply sold nearby.

Chatting Engine

Our chat engine is highly secure. The transmitted messages are all encrypted. The chatting module is used for several purposes.

  • In-app chat: your users can chat with their friends on your application. Benefit from the full package and let them enjoy sharing images, videos and their location.
  • Support: at any time, users are able to ping an available support operator to help them maneuver the app.
  • Collaboration: your departments can use the chat system in order for employees to securely share information.


This module will allow your application interface language to be dynamic and change as per the user’s preference. From our admin panel you will update the texts for every language. When the user selects the language on the app it will change within a split second. Our engine also supports Arabic, the interface will switch its layout to display the text from right to left and place the buttons on the other end of the screen. The user experienced will be optimized to accommodate all languages.


One of the core functionalities of the mobile apps is the power of the notification. You will reach your customers within seconds anytime and anywhere they are. A gentle sound will remind them to check the app for discounts, news and other content. From the application settings they can configure and customize their notifications, such as: ringtone, vibration pattern, on/off, etc.

Moreover, you will have the ability to send broadcasted messages to all your users from the admin panel. Let’s say a new update was released with awesome new features. Notify everyone with a click of a button!


From the device we are able to know the exact location of each user.

You will be able to monitor your employees and track their routes. Furthermore, we can provide you with cutting-edge geofencing technology to create automated alerts. Setup areas for your sales team and get notified if a member of the team is going outside the designated area during working hours.

A lot more can be done with this technology. Whenever a user having your application is near one of your point of sales they will get notified. You can even program the engine to assign them a discount if its their first time!

Customer Loyalty

Records of customer’s sales will be stored. Purchases will be converted to a point value, for example, one point for every U.S. dollar spent by the client. Customers will be able to get discounts after collecting a certain number of points. Alternatively, automated messages can be sent to the client whenever he or she becomes eligible for a new offer or is close to getting a rebate so he is encouraged to spend more.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development Approach

In 2019, 87% of the mobile market was using Android devices Vs 13% adopting iOS devices. Our teams have the knowledge and experience to design, develop, test and launch mobile application on all the modern platforms.

Native iOS Development

Our teams follow Apple guidelines to fully utilize the device performance. We use Apple’s proprietary technologies to build your applications.
Our development environment is powered by xCode and Swift. We use Apple Storyboards to layout and configure the interfaces of your mobile application.

Native Android Development

At IndiPro Technologies we leverage all of what Google has to offer. For the native development of your Android development, we use the Java language along with Android Studio.
We take advantage of the Android Software Development Kit Documentation, to properly store versions of the app files in order to load the appropriate file depending on the device capabilities and performance.

Cross-Platform Development

In this modern era everything revolves around mobile applications. Moreover, between the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, there are nearly five million mobile applications available for download. Increasing competitivity in mobile applications is leading many companies and startups to go with cross-platform development.

At IndiPro Technologies we understand and cater for your needs. You will have the opportunity to develop your application and host it on Google Play and App Store in record time.

Our development team is expert in Flutter, Google’s software development kit for cross-platform mobile app development. Created by Google in 2015 and officially launched in 2018, Flutter has quickly become the toolkit of choice. According to Statista, Flutter has recently surpassed React Native to become the number one mobile app development framework.

Custom Mobile Development Benefits

Customized mobile applications are gaining popularity, especially in business. They make the life easier for employees improving their quality of work thus generating more revenue to your company.

Strengthen Customer Engagement

Create a direct marketing channel between your business and your clients. Gain effective communication with your audience thru mobile apps. Send push and in-app notifications to as many customers as you want. Relevant notifications such as promotions, new releases and hot news will drive your user’s engagement and loyalty to your company.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Increase your customer loyalty with returning clients. Digitize your loyalty programs and offer your clients rewards via your mobile application. Take a look into the personal lives of your customers with the power of mobile apps. Get individualized, detailed and comprehensive data on your client’s activities such as: Wishlist, locations, favorite time to shop, etc.
Your users will become loyal and accustomed to your services. They will buy more regularly and spend longer periods of time browsing your app. Personalized and satisfied experiences will drive your audience to stay loyal to your app.

Improves Efficiency

Custom built mobile applications will make your business more efficient and effective. Keep in mind that we build the application based on your requirements and users needs. By incorporating your working process into our platforms, you will enhance the employee productivity and get more returns on your investments.

Mobile Market Size & Predictions

The below figures are from a Statista study:

  • Total revenue in the App market is projected to reach US$420.70bn in 2022.
  • Total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 6.58%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$542.80bn by 2026.
  • In-app purchase (IAP) revenue in the App market is projected to reach US$200.60bn in 2022.
  • Paid app revenue in the App market is projected to reach US$5.23bn in 2022.
  • Advertising revenue in the App market is projected to reach US$214.90bn in 2022.
  • The number of downloads in the App market is projected to reach 228,983.0m downloads in 2022.
  • The average revenue per download currently is expected to amount to US$1.84.

Turn your ideas into apps and start generating revenue!
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