Desktop Application Development

Desktop Application Advantages!

A lot of companies have legacy systems and ERPs already implemented. If you are looking to maintain or expand the capabilities of your installed applications. IndiPro Technologies is happy to provide you with the needed software, tailored to suit your need, and keep the business running smoothly.
Since the cloud-based solutions are hosted by third party servers and are exposed to cyber-attacks. To protect your sensitive data a good option would be desktop application development. Only the devices that have the software installed and running will be able to manage data and use the system features.

Why should you go with desktop over mobile development?

Enterprise Software: Companies demanding advanced programing in solutions that must conduct a multitude of challenging tasks from several departments prefer desktop development. due to the need of collecting and storing huge volumes of sensitive data, some businesses prefer to build desktop applications. This allows the data to be stored on the hard drives of the company’s machines rather than transmitting it to external servers.
Low-Level Software: you will need desktop application development to assure connectivity and optimal functionality between devices. A good example would be developing a driver to support your devices on several operating systems.
Background Services: these types of applications are used to seamlessly run specific processes and tasks quietly in the background. A good example would be a software that manages file downloads, it will keep the download running even after your close the application.
High-End Games and Complex UI: Desktop app development is critical in building games that demand high speed, take up a lot of space, and rely heavily on GPU.

Framework & Guidelines

Our team of professionals assess and evaluate your project in order to choose the best framework to achieve your goals.

The framework will function as blueprints providing structure to the development work. With these guidelines in place the programmers will focus on important and exclusive tasks related to your project.

Moreover, using frameworks will help in producing a clean, adaptable and scalable application code.

Windows Operating System Framework

At IndiPro Technologies we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and development methodologies. In order to build a sustainable desktop application that runs on Windows machine we use the framework developed by Microsoft WPF – Windows Prestation Foundation.

Taking advantage of this powerful Microsoft methodology, our engineers will tailor an interface and develop the needed functionality to adapt to your business. We will create features with highly efficient and powerful data-binding capabilities. Your interface will come with UI controls suited to your users and animations to make the screens appealing.

This framework enables our team to leverage the system GPUs. Graphical components will be enhanced for best quality when displayed on monitors.

Operating System Framework

Macintosh Operating System Framework

We always follow the top industry standards to provide topnotch applications to our clients.
When it comes to macOS development we develop your application on the Cocoa framework.

Our experts carefully design your application by leveraging all the components and functionalities Apple has to offer on their machines. Utilizing this framework our developers will have the ability to generate complex drawings on the user screens. Making the application appealing and better suiting its purpose.

Cross-Platform Framework

Reduce your development cost and choose IndiPro Technologies for your cross-platform development. You will not need to employ different programming teams to develop separate application for each operating system. One team is needed to design, build and maintain your applications on both platforms Windows and macOS.

Accommodate to your users needs without having to disrupt their computer literacy and fluency. Each operating system user will feel at ease and will be more productive working on a platform they are used to.

Hence with the power of cross-platform framework, you wouldn’t have to worry about complex development. Our coders will create the same program for you, using the same framework and programming language. Your users will run their application on their preferred operating systems without any hassle or complications

Desktop Application

Standalone Application

We cater for all your needs! If your operation requires offline adaptability. We will supply you with standalone applications that will completely run on your staff devices without the need for internet. All the features and options will be available on the device app. No need for you to worry once the device is connected to your network all the information will be securely synched to your servers.

Client-Server Application

Our applications are tailored to suit your needs! With these types of software, you will have a centralized system that is fed by multiple end points. You will have access and control over all your company’s documents. Your employees will only access the files of their departments and do the necessary work to update and edit their documents.

Utilities & Plug-ins Extensions

Extend the boundaries of your system! Our experts will build any program you need to adapt your legacy systems to the environment changes your business is facing. Don’t reinvent the wheel and disrupt what is working for you. You just have to empower your system with our utilities and plug-ins.

Collaborative Application

Help your employees collaborate securely and efficiently with our desktop applications. All the forums, chats and shared documents will be stored safely on your servers.
The beauty of our collaborative application, is that they will run seamlessly on your company network, while being protected from external access.

Multimedia Application

Benefit from our multimedia desktop application. Let your staff access only the authorized audio, photo and video files. Monitor the user activities and check who edited the content last. All files will be transferred and processed on your internal networks with the power of our desktop applications. You won’t need to use any third party cloud service to transfer large media files between your departments.

Multimedia Desktop Application

Desktop Application Features

  • Desktop apps interact better with devices
  • Complex calculations are done a lot faster using desktop applications over the performance of a web-based app
  • Customized features run better locally than using the cloud
  • Multithreading is optimized and more efficient in a desktop application
  • Your application will run as soon as developed no need for a cloud configuration and setup

For a lot of computer tasks and business operation the desktop applications still hold the top position over web and mobile programs. Especially the latter having grown at an unpresented pace for the past decade. In terms of efficiency and performance desktop may still take the lead for some specific implementation.

  • Access to hardware peripherals is made easy, such as: camera, Bluetooth, or card readers
  • Get sustainable and scalable software with our desktop application
  • Get your desktop app running on several platforms with our help