Big Data Management

The art of leveraging data to extract useful information is our daily bread! Improve your customer satisfaction and keep your business striving with a competitive edge.

Our data scientists will merge all your structured and unstructured data in one centralized database to extract valuable info. Thru our exceptional teams, we will provide you with an opportunity to discover meaningful insights to add value to your business and operation.

Predict market changes and demand with our state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will detect patterns in your user’s purchasing habits, study seasonality and build a forecasting model for your business.

Improve the efficiency of your marketing team with our analytical expertise. Our teams will analyze internal and external data to enhance your operation performance, increase revenue and solve specific business process issues.

Data Science & AI Services

In this era of digital revolution Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have become a pillar for every striving business. The most important part of any organization is data. It is vital for any company to store it, secure it and above all analyze it to drive your enterprise forward!


Our team of professional engineers will assess all your company’s data thru algorithms and analysis tools. They will employ their data science skills in order to come up with a forecasting model. You will gain insight on future market demands based on machine learning and AI.
Predict shifts in your business environment and adjust your operation accordingly to mitigate the risks! Gain a competitive edge over other players in the market with our powerful forecasting engines!

Recommendation Engine

Increase your up selling and cross selling opportunities with our recommendation engine. Our experts apply deep machine learning models to come up with the best suggestions for your audience. Your clients will enjoy getting product offers on items they like or they need at the moment. Display personalized content for the user to feel a closer experience to your company brand and services.
We cover all suggestion models in our data science and AI services. We will provide you with recommendations for users to: choose other products they may like, check frequently products bought together, the famous recommended for you, similar and recently viewed items.
We will predict the next product that a user is most likely to buy and display it on their screen. We base our recommendations on the history of the user behavior. We store the products they viewed while shopping and suggest to buy similar items when they are surfing for the same type of product.

Ranking Engine

In the jungle of data our engineers navigate with ease! They have mastered the skills to filter, organize and sort your data. They will retrieve relevant information for you to set priorities and evaluate performances.
Our neural learning models rank your data based on complex scenarios and intricate rules. The teams at IndiPro Technologies will monitor your data models and supervise the machine learning process to optimize the accuracy of the results.
Ranking models are being used by fortune 500 companies within their digital eco system to improve the user experience. Ranking will allow you to create customized feeds for different audiences based on their past behavior and activities.

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Benefits of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

In the art of data science big data and artificial intelligence go hand in hand. At IndiPro Technologies we make sure to collect all the needed data before dissecting it with our AI tools. Our machine learning model will get better analytical results when extracting information from huge pools of data.

Anticipate and capitalize on market trends with accurate decision making

Using our expertise and data science tools we will organize and make sense of your data. You will get reliable predictions, forecasts and enhancements over all the levels of your operation.
Get real-time feedback you can act on thru our streaming data analysis. Determine what areas of your business you need to focus on to reach targets and how to implement them most efficiently over time.

Analyze consumer behavior for better segmentation and customer insight

We use NLP, Natural Language Processing in the programing of our AI engines to read, write, understand and extract meaning from human language to make decisions.
With the use of such technology, we are able to detect sentiment in order to more effectively utilize data and comprehend the consumer behaviors. Our reliable models will give you insight on how does your audience feel about your products.

Optimize the performance of digital marketing campaigns with personalization targeting

Another capability of data science tools and analytics is personalization. Using historical and forecasted market data, our models can identify specific areas to target each individual for sales and marketing initiatives with greater accuracy.
Create your marketing campaign based on personalized metrics to reach each customer or potential client with a tailored message.