Cloud App Development

Cloud implementation can be a game changer for your organization! Our teams will analyze your critical business challenges and help you realize your vision.

We will build for you apps that run in the cloud and leverage the needed server’s features and services offered by our cloud vendor partners. We have more than 10 years of experience in cloud computing. IndiPro Technologies quickly and reliably delivers cloud-native apps that efficiently employ all

Benefit from a cloud application structure to make your business operation efficient, scalable, secure and less costly.

Our Cloud Services

Qualified Cloud Computing

We have extensive expertise in setting up and configuring the right server to suit your needs. We will cover large scale implementation as well as supporting small to medium business operations. We will monitor your server’s performance and extend its capabilities whenever needed. 
We offer storage, backup and recovery plans.

Types of Cloud We offer

Public: Public clouds are owned and operated by our partners (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and others). Thru our providers we will take advantage of their computing resources, like servers and storage, for your application.

Private: Setup a private cloud for your business or organization to use our cloud computing resources. We have the resources and know-how to install the private cloud on your company premises. The services and infrastructure of the private cloud are maintained on a private network.

Hybrid: Combine both public and private clouds with our hybrid solution. This kind of implementation will prove grater flexibility for your business, more deployment options and optimizing your current infrastructure and security.

Types of Cloud We offer

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): IaaS solutions helps you reduce cost by minimizing the maintenance of on-premises data centers. We will give you the flexibility to scale your IT resources on demand. You will save money on hardware cost while increasing the reliability of you IT infrastructure.

Software as a service (SaaS): deliver your software applications over the web, on demand via subscriptions. We will host and manage your app on the cloud. We will take care of the infrastructure, handle maintenance, upgrades and security patches.

Platform as a service (PaaS): we provide on-demand supply for your cloud environment. Get the needed computing power to develop, test, deliver and manage your software application on the cloud.

Our added features

White Labeling

Favorite Driver

App Availability

Favorite Addresses

Flexibile Login Choices

Emergency SOS Feature

Benefits of IndiPro Technologies Cloud Services


Eliminate the cost of buying hardware and software. Reduce your IT department expenses no need to setup and configure data centers anymore. Forget about the data center electricity fees for power and cooling.


Large amounts of computing resources can be allocated within minutes. With just a few clicks you will scale up or down your server performance. You will also gain more flexibility when it comes to server capacity planning.


Get what you need when you need it. No need to allocate extra resources for special and unique circumstances. Scale your cloud capabilities elastically with our services. Whenever you need adjust the level of computing power, storage and bandwidth within minutes.


Benefit from reduced network latency for applications with our outstanding cloud performance. We will provide you with the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware for your business.

Security & Reliability

We have set of policies, processes and controls that empower your security infrastructure. Our cloud setup will help protect your data and system from potential threats. Your data will be mirrored and backed up into multiple redundant sites in different locations for disaster recovery.