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Technology Services

UI/UX Design

Our teams build appealing and custom designs for your applications! We support all platforms: mobile, web, desktop, TV and wearables. We follow industry guidelines to deliver vibrant visuals and user-friendly experience.

Cloud Services

Optimize your software performance with our cloud services. IndiPro Technologies cloud environment enables load balancing to keep the servers running at optimal performance even during peak usage hours and high traffic.

Desktop Application

Build secure and reliable applications with our team of experts! We have the ability to develop a custom ERP for your needs. Moreover, we can build and integrate a module to enable more features on your legacy ERP.

Data Science AI

Data is the root of clever decision making! Benefit from our Big Data management expertise to drive more value into your business. Our dashboard and reporting is powered by machine learning and AI data science tools.

Mobile Application

We offer multi-platform development your application will be published on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. IndiPro Technologies has a great team of professional designers and developers. We have engineers with extensive experience when it comes to Swift and Java programming languages.

Software Development Consultancy

IndiPro Technologies has experts in all areas in the tech industry. We provide R&D, prototyping and MVP development to validate your business assumptions avoiding costly, lengthy and unnecessary work. We are always happy to help feel free to contact us!

Outsource Programming

Reduce your operational cost and yield better outcome by hiring first-rate professionals. Our resources combine a multitude of talents: Designers, Business Analysts, Mobile and Web Developers, Project Managers, Data Scientist, Database Administrators, Blockchain Engineers and many more.

API Development

Are you having issues sharing data across your different systems? Our implementers have the adequate knowhow to link your solutions together. Benefit from a seamless operation while running your business via APIs.

Quality Assurance

Our apps are 99% Bug Free! Quality Assurance is the most crucial part of the development. Our teams will guarantee that your application is running smoothly on all the required platforms. We make sure that the application is able to manage multiple connections and several users at the same time without delays.


Create a culture of collaboration between your teams and deliver high-quality applications with our DevOps services. Use our AI powered decision making and workflow automation to unravel your day-to-day challenges.


Improve your operation and reduce cost in the production environment with our IOT services! Connect remotely to your servers and devices, automatically detect machine failure and notify support.

Maintenance & Upgrades

We don’t stop servicing our clients when we deliver the application. We have a team that will continuously monitor the application. We will update the application seamlessly to ensure it is running smoothly on the latest operating systems and internet browsers.

Business Analysis

Our teams will contribute in your Research & Development endeavors. We will enhance your company performance by improving your business processes. We will evaluate and re-engineer the business processes in place for better monitoring and productivity.

Blockchain Development

Augment your application development teams for cryptocurrency exchange, wallet development, smart contracts and other decentralized projects with our services.

Our Products

Limousine Management System
Taxi Management System
Delivery Tracking System
CRM Software
Ecommerce Application

Limousine Management System

IndiPro Technologies proudly presents the Limousine Management System to manage your luxury transportation service.

Our solution comes with two mobile apps and a web based administrative interface to manage users and configurations.

Each user will have a dedicated application: Passenger App and Driver App.

Furthermore, the Dispatcher Panel will help you track the booking and monitor the trips.

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Taxi Management System

Turn your business into an Uber like model with our Taxi Management System.

This is a fully fledge system that comes with two different mobile applications one for the client and the other for the driver.

Moreover, this solution is backed by an admin panel for the company owner or staff to manage the bookings and the trips while monitoring the driver’s routes.

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Delivery Tracking Application

Equip your business with the state-of-the-art delivery system.

Help your customers browse and order products from the comfort of their home.

This complete solution is supported by multiple platforms, it comes with two mobile applications and a web-based administrative interface.

The mobile applications will be used by the clients and the delivery partners.

The admin panel will be used by authorized employees to manage the orders, track user’s activities and generate reports.

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Our CRM is a web-based and mobile application that will help with customer relationship management. Your company employees will be able to store information about clients and issue reports about customers, sales and markets thru the application.

In addition, our system will help with the creation of marketing campaigns and customer retention.

The POS will handle all transactions in your pints of sales. With the bar code scanner, it will help you manage your inventory by providing you with a reporting dashboard to monitor your stock levels and keep an eye on your daily sales.

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Ecommerce Application

Benefit from our innovative eCommerce platform to start selling your products and services online.

Take advantage of our services! Build user friendly and appealing websites and mobile apps where your clients will enjoy their shopping experience.

Profit from our powerful backend! Authorized managers in your company will be able to review reports on sales and better market your products.

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IndiPro Technologies has several off the shelf solutions that will suit your business

E-commerce App Development

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Travel and hospitality

Wellness and health


Food and beverage

Social Media and communication



Tech we love

Adobe XD


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